6 Steps To Ensure The Success Of Your Influencer Marketing Campaign!

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One of the many effectual strategies of marketing is Influencer Marketing, which is at its peak currently, bearing the fact that every business is experimenting with this technique that promises great results. According to a survey, as many as 94% businesses are using this technique to gain effective results for their business.

Another study shows that about 70% of purchasing decisions are a direct outcome of word of mouth and recommendations that come from someone that a buyer trusts. Whereas, celebrity endorsements are on a high, people now want something that seems more authentic and true to the general class of people and thus, they like to hear from someone they can relate to, who is one of them; and that is what is making influencer marketing more popular than ever.

Did you know influencers on YouTube garner 17% more engagement than celebrities who have millions of followers across the globe? Such is the power of this technique and same is the reason why businesses are leaning increasingly towards it.

Regardless of the success and the ease that the technique promises, people are falling short of expectations while applying this technique and there are multiple reasons behind that. Let’s explore some of them.

Not knowing your audience well:

Even the most invincible strategy will be a big disaster if you do not know who you are targeting with your campaign.
Take a halt and prepare the Persona of your audience, know who they are, what they like, where they like to shop; collect all the mandatory data to find out who your segment audience is and what they are all about. Once you have that information, only then you can determine who you need to have on board as the influencer for your campaign.

Success Of Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

Choosing the wrong influencer:

You have collected all the necessary data on your audience but what about the influencer? Having thousands of followers online doesn’t make anyone an influencer.
An influencer is the one who has the subject knowledge, who knows how to communicate with the audience and also knows how he can engage people with the activity that you are running.
Along with knowing your audience, you need to know the audience that your influencer has. In case that doesn’t match, nothing he says will bring any results for your campaign.

Not communicating clearly with the influencer:

You must be clear about why you are running an influencer marketing campaign and what your expectations are from the same.
You must make your influencer aware of the goals that you have set for the campaign. Giving him the data that you have collected about your audience will give him a better idea about your audience, your expectations and your policies too. Once he has been through the data, he will have a better strategy ready to engage people with the campaign that the two of you run collectively.

Don’t neglect the analytics:

The key is to measure your campaign from time to time. There are tools that one can use to assess campaign’s reach and the outcome of the campaign that they are running.
For instance, Instagram Analytics Tool gives a clear picture of the engagement that your campaign fetches. You can also assess how many of Instagramers reach your website and how many leads you get.

You cannot expect an overnight success with your activity as it is a time taking process. You need to be patient while reviewing the performance of your campaign as abandoning it too quickly would be sabotage.
Wrong choice of channels: Influencer marketing is not tricky; however, it is highly strategic. Depending on your target segment, you must select the channels where you will be approaching your audience.

For example, in order to target millennials, it would be best to consult channels like Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter, whereas, to target the people of intent, best would be wiser to head to either Facebook or LinkedIn or maybe Emails. Hence, choosing different channels for different audience would be the wisest action to amplify your campaign.

Neglecting the Call to Action:

The motive behind any campaign is to have engagement from the audience. Once your influencer marketing plan is set in ignition, audience will start landing on your page. But hang on! Is your landing page ready? Do you have the CTA in place?

Make sure that your website is ready and that it is mobile friendly as about 40% of your users will swindle to a competitor if your website is not ready and 57% will abandon the website if it is not mobile-friendly. A clean and easy ‘Call to Action’ is critical to keep the audience engaged with your activity.

It won’t be wrong to say that this strategy requires more of attention than hard-work. Start with choosing the audience and the right influencer and half your battle is won already. To know more, stay tuned to our blog.

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