Facebook Messenger Marketing – A Great Tool to Replace Boring E-Mails

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When you hear about “Social Media Marketing”, the first thing that your brain registers is Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But have you ever thought that the Facebook’s unique messaging platform-Facebook Messenger can aid you in marketing your business in a big way? Yes! You’ve got that right. Many people don’t know this, but Messenger can prove to be a really effective platform to successfully sell out your brand to potential customers, thereby increasing engagement for your product/service. It is in a position to become the #1 marketing channel in the coming years with more than 1.3 billion people currently active on the app sending over 2 billion business messages every month.

Use of Facebook messenger for marketing your business helps in improving the quality score of your Facebook page. This in turn increases your reach on Facebook, improving your lead generation results. Following are some of the benefits of employing Facebook Messenger marketing for your business.

Best use of AI with Facebook Messenger

Chatbots help you in automatically responding and creating a healthy relationship with customers offering great opportunities to increase reach and engagement. You can easily advertise your products and services or just like Techcrunch, Food Network and many others, you can help your audience find relevant content as and when requested. You can utilize these chat bots for content Marketing, ensuring your site is mobile responsive, inform customers how and where to contact you, and include browsing menu’s if possible. You can also utilize messenger to send reminders or information about important events that you organize, engaging participants during the event. There are many different types of experiences you could build, ranging from human-powered live chat to fully automated conversations, with a mix of experiences in between scaling your conversations with the fast adopting technology – AI.

Generate High quality sales leads

Since Facebook Messenger is still a relatively new and novel marketing channel, it is a great way to get people’s attention and to generate high-quality sales leads. With Facebook’s latest updates, reach has been falling constantly. But this can be overcome by sending Facebook messenger ads and re-engage your potential customers. Using messenger for social media marketing helps you reach your potential audience one-to-one thus helping you create better customer relationships. Also, your messages can include pop-ups, slide-ins, buttons, boxes, etc, just like your emails, so a user leaves a comment on your Facebook page and Viola! You’ve got a new lead.

Provide speedy customer support

Facebook found that 56 percent of their study’s respondents prefer to message rather than call a business for customer service. In a survey of more than 1,000 people, Sprout Social found that most consumers expect a response on social media within four hours. They also found that 30 percent of the people would go to a competitor if a brand doesn’t respond. With 80% adults and 91% teens using messenger apps every day, you have the opportunity to easily find new customers from a platform where they spend maximum of their time. And since, messenger does not pose the threat of spam/viruses, it is the best marketing platform for youth who are more easily engaged in skim-through content.

Get higher open rates, click through rates, leads, and sales

Your Messenger marketing strategy should start by running ads on the Home Screen of the App. This will let you gain reach across an entire range of Facebook’s apps and services. This will aid you in re-engaging your customers, nurturing your relationship by providing content that is relevant to them. You can also set up automated responses like away messages and instant replies enabling the page manager to keep your business responsive to all comments. This would increase the number of CTR’s and open rates for your business page. And since messenger is more personal and interactive than traditional emails, it has much higher engagement rates (Approx 80% open rates and more than 30% CTR)

Facebook Messenger Marketing

A solution to overcome e-mail fatigue

Gone are the days when users readily gave you their email addresses in lieu of some free content. But the trends have changed now, so much so that marketing emails are mostly found in spam folders or deleted items only because users are tired and irritated of using too many e-mails. Facebook Messenger marketing is the solution to overcome e-mail fatigue where users don’t need to share their email addresses and if they are interested in a particular service they can just click on your ad or link. Messenger also allows you to deliver messaging sequence which can be customized as you would do for an email campaign. The best part being, unlike e-mails, here you can send any number of interactive messages within a matter of seconds, minutes or even days.

Get to know your customers better

Facebook Messenger facilitates you to view your customer’s profile, including their interests, gender, location, and much more. This helps you better target your ad campaigns. Retargeting messenger leads is easier and faster as compared to emails. Moreover, now you needn’t worry about optimizing your campaign separately for mobile or desktop since Messenger is already optimized for the same. With Messenger having very high levels of interactivity, and more AI capabilities than email, advertising with Facebook Messenger is a much better option than traditional email campaigns.

Now you can easily include Facebook messenger as one of your marketing strategies by following the below-mentioned process:

1. Understanding your Audience

The primary concern before launching any business campaign is thoroughly researching your business’s audience. The basic question to be answered here is that what customer journey you are planning to create for your business in messenger. You need to understand what type of queries your customers will have, what messenger themes will be most appropriate for your business, and what marketing tactics you can use to drive better sales.

2. Determining Project Scope

Before you set up your AI system, you need to develop a strategy based on the research regarding your audience. There are many types of strategies you can develop ranging from use of artificial intelligence to 100% human live chat. You also need to determine whether your messenger chat experience needs to be connected to any other systems you have such as CRM, payment systems or any other system. One thing to keep in mind here is that you should create a messenger marketing strategy when you have sufficient lead time to create a meaningful customer experience.

3. Planning a development strategy

You would need the help of a professional developer who is competent to fulfill the specific requirements of your experience having a technology platform that can help you build a prototype experience. You can either deploy an in-house developer or consider outsourcing it to a competent development expert.

4. Build your experience on Messenger

After you have efficiently planned your development strategy, you should start building your experience on Messenger using case scenarios, user flow schematics, and determining set of features you wish to leverage. Next produce a prototype for testing and refinement, and deploy a working version of the program.

5. Drive awareness and engagement

Once you have effectively created a messenger experience, you need to strategize on how you will encourage people to communicate with your business. You can do this through your owned and operated channels or through paid media on Facebook. Consider the different entry points people may use to discover your bot such as paid ads on facebook, or creating links to messenger on your website. Try to adapt an Always-on strategy which inspires people to come back to you on their own.

Facebook Messenger offers high end technology tools to market your business and is an improvement in a lot many ways over email marketing. Keep following this space to know more about latest trends in the digital marketing scenario.

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