Segmenting Your Retargeting Efforts is The Key To Get Great ROI!

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Doing business is a tricky game that demands tenacity, time and tricks. With changing marketing scenario and booming digital tactics, one has more options and challenges to target and retarget their audience.
With about 4 billion Smartphone users searching the web for products and services, it is way easier to acquire new audience. However, due to the availability of multiple affordable services, retaining a customer is the real ordeal than acquiring them. It is not just crucial but indispensable to make long-lasting impressions on your visitors to keep them engaged.

Retargeting is one trick that is capable of bringing great results. But retargeting efforts better be smart if the intent is to actually get some positive results. One approach cannot fit people of all segments, hence, how you segment your audience is critical to get potential outcome out of your efforts. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that segmenting the efforts is the key.

To put it in simple words, every person that visited your website is not going to convert into a sale. Segment your visitors in categories based on their interaction with you or maybe the data that you have available on them.

Retarget your audiences

Let’s explore how we can segment our retargeting efforts:

Website Interaction:

Analyzing website interactions will help you understand your visitors better. For example, let’s suppose you are getting good traffic on your website. But only some will be the visitors with intent, while the rest will be wanderers looking around randomly or just fidgeting on the web. People with intent may event sign up for your newsletter and communication beyond whereas the wanderer might quit the homepage within seconds, consequently adding on to the bounce rate on your website.

Visitors who have checked multiple pages and posts including your blog are the segment of the audience that you must consider retargeting. It will be fruitful for you if you offer them something tailor-made that is likely to grab his attention promptly.

Time Based Segmentation:

Don’t become that puppy that follows the target audience incessantly. Neither you can afford to be monotonous nor can you afford to put people off. You need to surprise the audience while keeping them engaged. Best would be to segment them in weeks. In the first week you can show them your first advert and in the second you must show them something that doesn’t even remotely resembles the advert you showed them in the first week. If they still do not show up on your page, in the thirds week, you must offer them something like rewards points or discount coupons, so that they come back to your page where you have more ammunition to target and startle your visitor with.

Analyze the data you have:

To take the leverage of the content you have and the traffic you get on your website, you must have the backing of Google Analytics.
Make use of Google Analytics and scrutinize the data such as how much time a visitor is spending on your page and how many pages he is visiting. Having the data will give you a clear picture of who your visitors with intent is and what is likely to grab his attention.

Offer something more intimate:

Every user has a unique shopping journey, unique preferences and unique proclivity. Take advantage of the journey map that you receive with the help of Data Analysis and Google Smart Lists to know your visitor more intimately and approach them more appropriately. Work on your creatives, make sure your creatives and descriptors potentially resemble the inclination and liking of your visitor and according send them your message offering something they just can’t say no to.

Following these steps strategically can certainly bring back the results that you are expecting through your remarketing efforts. To know more follow this blog as we will be sharing more dope into Digital Marketing and its multifold tools.

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