How User-Friendly Product Design Impact Your Business

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Whenever we talk about improving the User Experience (UX) across multiple online platforms, product design is the prominent area of discussion. These days the researchers are trying to integrate the user experience, design and human psychology on these platforms. According to the sources 38% of users will not engage with the content if it is badly served! To overcome this, the developers these days are developing product designs that amalgamate – UX and design elements to give the users an overall excellent experience.

Benefits of creating a User Centred Design:

A user centred design is one that is based on strong user research, engagement and feedback. User-centred designs are effective and help a business to win customers over competitors. It helps a business’s product or service to stand out in the market. They can result in benefits like stronger sales, reduced risks and cost-efficiencies. Customers would readily pay more if a product is appealing and offer great usability, better functionality and sustainability.

Customer Sentiment should be the center of a Product Design:

Product designs play a crucial role in product development. With constant research and improvement in technology, product designs have evolved over the years. Researchers are now working on to create customer centric designs which are easy to operate and navigate for the user.
“Nearly 94% first-impressions are based on the product design and 75% of a product’s credibility is based on overall aesthetics” this statement clearly defines that a good design is life-blood of a product.

A Product Design is a Reflection of Designer’s Understanding:

Often due to lack of understanding on designer’s end can lead to a poorly designed product. When the designer is not able to understand the customer’s perspective, the business is likely to lose customers as they may switch to the competitor products.
To overcome this problem the designer needs to understand and realize what a customer is really looking for in a product design. Empathizing with the potential customers can really help to generate outstanding results. A good product design is not only about the layout, appearance but the one that is able to provide solutions to the user’s problems. To deliver a consumer friendly design the business should know its market well.

How User-Friendly Product Design Impact Your Business

How to create a User Friendly Product Design:

  • Develop a better understanding of the consumer’s viewpoint: To develop a successful and a user friendly product design, a designer needs to wear the boots of a customer. To attain that understanding, consult your teammates and listen to what they have to say, understand the business aesthetics of clients, interact with your customers and let designer explore the possibilities.
  • Pen down your thoughts to create a picture: Once the designer gets an idea of what the customers are looking for then he needs to create a visual picture of it by using various tools.
  • Organize your work in interactive storyboards: One of the best ways to understand users’ interaction patterns is to use storyboarding tools. These help the designers visually and help them to check the flow of the application.
  • Try to understand the user’s sentiment: A product design will only be able to connect with the users if it is designed keeping in mind their thoughts and feelings.
  • Learn the art of storytelling: A designer should have an ability to empathize, understand what customers are not able to express clearly and give them solutions they have been searching for all the while. Solution based designs are most likely to gain popularity among customers.
  • Open interactions with customers: Once the product has been structured, it can be further improved by getting validation from the clients. Customers will give a true feedback which will help to know their exact requirement. This will greatly help to improve the product design.

How a Product Design helps a Business:

A good product design benefits a business in multiple ways. Some of the advantages of user-friendly design are:

  1. Enhances Customer loyalty
  2. Build a strong identity for your business
  3. Reduce customer complaints
  4. Increase sales of products and services
  5. Better market position
  6. Less time to market new products and services

Integrating a consumer centric approach in product or service development can bring many constructive results for your business. Stay tuned for blogs on user-centred designs and eco-designs to have a better understanding of empathetic product designing.

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