Key Digital Trends That You Need To Recruit Now To Get The Best Results In 2018!

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What would you tell someone who asks you about marketing, what is it after all?

Marketing is the unparalleled technique that helps businesses reach their target audience. Although, only a decade ago TV commercials were the tool that marketers recruited to target their audience and unveil their products and services, however, digital has conveniently outshined the reach that TV once enjoyed.

There is always an increasing demand for new technological inventions and the marketing landscape has made a shift to digital to cater to the demands of the consumers who never stop asking for something exclusive. Considering the fact that Digital comes with the promise of giving precision, inimitability and exclusivity, is the reason why digital content consumption is on a rise. Trends that hold the promise of reforming the advertising space are contemporary with a quintessential touch and are anticipated to rule 2018, let’s explore some:

Audience based marketing:

TV marketing has taken a deep fall since the advent of digital marketing that gives a shameful competition to traditional marketing. TV however had to reinvent itself and leap to solutions that could do justice to the budgets that were involved in TV marketing and thus we saw the arrival of addressable and data driven TV. These are the solutions that let the marketers reach their audience more effectively on TV. The addressable TV advertising is anticipated to reach 74 million households by the time 2021 arrives. The growing space for such solution is the evidence that audience based advertising is taking over the contextual based marketing and it is one trend that is expected to gain more momentum in the near future.

Native ads and Brand integration in content:

Although, good content is always in demand, however, consumers have lately started to demand an uninterrupted experience while online. A big portion of blame for the same is to be shared by the marketers who bombard the audience with irrelevant content. The adverts start playing in the background without warning and at times it is not even possible to close the tab where such annoying adverts start playing. Such adverts are the reason why consumers are demanding a cleaner experience. The solution that the marketers have in the given scenario is to show relevant ads based on the accurate data that enlightens them about the interests of their consumers and to show native ads which also give brands the possibility to be integrated with content. Native-ads are what marketers need to focus on.

The focus must be on content that gives a leeway to brands to immerse along and give something of value to the consumer. Your content must be entertaining along with being informative if you do expect the consumers to engage with your marketing efforts. Turn into storytellers. Tell your tail, share your business journey and business goals through your content and readers will automatically feel connected to your journey. Native ads are the best way of showing your content while the consumer doesn’t realize that he is being trapped and your brand also gets the right exposure at the same time.

Key Digital Trends 2018

Multi screen entertainment is what you need to aim for:

If you are confined to one channel, you are in for a defeat. According to a survey, about 83% of world’s population will be consuming content on multiple digital devices by 2020, which is a clear indication of the fact that content consumption in not confined to one medium. You need to meet your audiences where they are. According to an estimate, each household has about 8 digital devices on which they can watch videos and other such stuff, thus, the key is to serve the people where they dine. Going for multi screening entertainment and letting your native content socialize with your audience on multiple platforms is the technique you need to employ.

Programmatic Advertising:

The spending on programmatic advertising is estimated to reach $45.9 billion by 2019. To those who have not heard about it, Programmatic advertising is about buying space for showing digital ads and it includes planning, buying and reporting of ads.
Since people have a strong proclivity to skipping ads, Programmatic buys space. Programmatic then gives consumer the option to buy an interruption-free experience or buy space where they do not see random ads but see what they want to see. Programmatic gives marketers the choice to show their ads to specific audience and gives audience the choice to handpick the content they are interested in. Such transparency is the future of marketing and a trend that is anticipated to rule the future of advertising and marketing.

AI will shine in all its glory:

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. Although it is still more of a concept than a full-fledged possibility, still, it is touted to rule the digital scene in 2018. AI is all about being extra savvy with your marketing efforts and striking that unique personal chord with the consumers.
AI is a tactic that many have already started using, such as when you send your list of subscribers a promotional email, and use their first name while addressing them. In 2018, AI is going to blossom to its best to boost your savvy and intelligent tools that will help you build better relations with your TG.

Mobile will continue to rule:

Mobile has enjoyed an uncontested status in 2017 and it will continue to lead in 2018 too. Especially after the announcement made by Google that it will index mobile content, it is even more critical for marketers to have mobile at the heart of their marketing efforts. Just making minor adjustments to accommodate mobile users will not be enough, having a mobile policy is what you need to reap the right results from the strategies that you test for your projects.

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