SEO Coupled with Inbound Marketing is the Future of Successful Marketing


There has been an ongoing debate over the role of SEO for marketing, especially Inbound Marketing. Some say SEO is just an anticipatory activity that untiringly plants words and phrases hoping to get traffic. The other school of thought recommends the role of SEO, as SEO brings more traffic to a website which as a result turns into sales.

Let’s start with defining our terms.

So what is SEO – optimization of search engines, leading to marketing of your brand more efficiently on major search engines and getting higher rankings online.

Inbound marketing on the other hand, is cleverly using the available information and attracting visitors on your website by luring them with products they have shown interest in. It is about offering content that audience has shown interest in while fidgeting online, rather than attacking them with plethora of random and irrelevant content.

As opposed to the common naïve belief that SEO is just a blind compilation of key words and is thus irrelevant may not be as accurate as commonly assumed. Having a brand or a product stands for nothing unless you have the right audience and consumer for the same. A website can never serve its purpose of making business if no one is aware of its existence, one needs to create a buzz around their brand and business. It demands proper planning, preparation and largely SEO to accomplish the objectives.

SEO is paramount for inbound marketing as well. When planned intelligently, SEO, pay great ROI in the long run in multiple ways.

How SEO compliments your Inbound Marketing Strategy?

Inbound marketing is about turning traffic into business by offering them what they are after but how does this traffic land on your page? It is the SEO that fetches traffic on your page by placing the right content where it is likely to make the most impact by intelligently aligning link building, blogs, news articles and copywriting to one’s brand.

SEO improves rankings and brings your product, brand or business to the forefront. A website with high ranking is likely to earn links from those who matter, which consequently prompts consumer to have trust and conviction in your product and its quality.


However, SEO is not about just improving your ranking as having a high rank on search engines counts for nothing if you are not offering the consumer what he is seeking. Thus, SEO and inbound marketing go hand in hand. Inbound marketing brings products to those who see you on top search pages, and lures them with products that they are potentially intending to buy.

Changing algorithms have been a perpetual issue for marketers as it takes time and planning to come up with tactics that would be in compliance with the changing algorithms. A dedicated SEO activity can actively observe the ever-changing Google algorithms, enabling a marketer to be promptly ready with a strategy that would be in line with the change.

SEO are also your savings agents. As PPC and Social medic marketing require capital whereas, SEO is about smartly placing words on prominent search engines so that your products appear more efficiently while a consumer is making a random yet intentional search for a certain product. In case of the absence of SEO, you will depend on word of mouth or paid advertisement whereas, SEO does an efficient job without having to invest much or depending on vague or scattered propaganda about your brand.

The pressure to succeed and to be on the top is only increasing and thus depending on just one strategy can never suffice. SEO and inbound marketing complement each other. SEO as a dedicated activity makes your product easily and efficiently searchable and visible, along with increasing the ranking of your website. However, having high ranking is as good as nothing unless you have the product that a consumer is seeking.

SEO can certainly pull traffic to your website but from there it is entirely inbound marketing that rolls the dice. As it surprises the consumer with what they have been intending to eventually buy.

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