Geofence Marketing

Geofencing is a location-based marketing service that send push notifications to smartphone users who enter a defined virtual geographic area.

Geofencing is basically virtual demarcation of a physical location. It is a technology or application that cordons off a chosen physical perimeter with the help of GPS (Global Positioning System).

It targets smart phones and other smart devices that enter the Geo-Fenced are with customized messages and offers.

About 80% of consumers receive location based notifications on their GPS enabled devices. Since you can monitor a consumer’s shopping history and proclivity, Geo-fencing serves the perfect facility to approach the customers that are in the cordoned off location.The application intimates businesses about the mobile devices entering the geo-fenced area and business can send their tailor-made offers to the potential customer after analyzing their penchant online.

This gives the consumer an opportunity to explore deals that are being offered in the location they are in and businesses get the best ROI in return.

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Get more about Geofencing. Download the ConnectWorldwide's Geofence browser and explore the benefits of Geo fencing.

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Cost-effective, Actionable and Impactful 

Maximum Reach

Access ads across all platforms - In-App Mobile, Google and Facebook

Local and Relevant

Local ads relevant to businesses with specific reach and local presence

Conversion Focused

Drive instant gratification to end user and value to advertiser

Access Premium Audience

Our publisher network includes Apps across all major categories

Extensive Targeting Options

Multiple targeting options available for best performance

Performance Oriented

Track performance metrics to estimate ROI of every promotion

We initiate and observe the complete functioning of Geofence Automation Marketing.

Once you Geofence a space, anyone entering into that space will start receiving your promotional messages.


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