Social-Media Tricks That Will Put Your Campaign in Perfect Motion!

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Social media is the companion that every business is trying to have an affair with. While some have found the eternal bliss and some are at the verge of having a break-up. The reason why some find themselves disappointed in social-media is because either they take this tool for granted or because they have misplaced their expectations. It’s time that businesses learn some basic rules of social-media,

1) There are no free lunches in this world – meaning you have to invest right efforts to enjoy the results you are expecting.
2) Instant is overrated – when people start marketing on social-media, they expected some magic to take place overnight, which is not the case. Patience is the key regardless of which marketing tool you are using.
3) Quality cannot be compromised with – meaning in case you are thinking that being on social media is all you need then you are in for a disappointment. You must invest in quality – quality service and product for the customers to develop allegiance for you.

Some simple rules to follow to succeed on social-media are summed below:

Be the Storyteller:

Do you remember listening fairy tales in childhood? They had their own charm, challenges, ups and downs and eventually a beautiful ending. Same is the case with people when they interact with businesses online. They like to know their story, their predicaments, challenge, obstacles and how they deal with the challenges.
People do not want another sales pitch when they are on social media. They want something that can glide them into a tale and gradually they start becoming a part of that tale and that’s exactly you need to do to succeed on social-media.
Identify your story, accumulate your experiences, how you communicate with your employees, how your team goes beyond the possible to bring something extraordinary for the consumers and share them on social media through pictures and videos and see how they align with your brand and become your loyalist.

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Lend them a listening ear:

People feel connected to a brand that they know listens to them. I was once stood in queue for a coffee at my favourite coffee place on the High Street in Newport Pagnell. It was raining torrentially and I was desperate for a coffee and so were many others who were in the queue before me. Exasperated I tweeted about the situation I was in and a nearby Coffee shot replied saying they were sorry that I had to wait so long for a sip of coffee. I was touched and from next time onwards, whenever I was on the high street, I went to the other coffee shop, despite the fact that I loved the coffee from the place where I was waiting in the queue. It wasn’t the product but the service that I was getting from them that mattered.

Do the same on social-media. Let the people know that you understand their situation and that you are sorry that they had a bad experience. Let them have a chance to connect with you rather than seeing people as debit cards.

Advertise Smartly:

Social media is a serious platform that can present you with some serious leads.
You can access precise data through social media about the demographics, the age, the social background, profession and location of the audience you are trying to interact with and accordingly you can approach them with something that they will not be able to say no to. You do not have to approach an insanely big amount of random audience, you get a precise data that you can target which is not just a smart move but cost-effective too.

On a portal like Facebook, your target audience is funneled even more minutely as you can show your ads to those who have bought from you in the past and have liked your page. This certainly brings down the expenditure and gives a good bounce to your Return on Investment.

Be yourself:

How far did you go when you cheated in the class? Well your teacher caught you and you were shamed in front of all. The same happens in the marketing too, when your campaign looks like the doppelganger of a contemporary. You get trolled, bashed and dusted.
Be identical to nothing but quality. When you have your own identity, USP, policy and a story to tell, people would listen to you and will connect with you if they can relate to your story and if they like the way you tell your unique story.

Address the issues:

Social media is a channel through which people try to reach you. Sometimes they come with a request, sometimes advice and sometimes with a complaint. You cannot shy away from them. It is natural to make mistake, if as a business you too have a mistake, it would be foolish to hide from it. It would be wiser to accept the mistake and make an attempt to make amends.

Do not hide or delete complaints that your customers post on your page. They are the people who have invested financially and emotionally in your brand and they get to express the anger or the disappointment that they face. Speak to them, address them and try to fix the issues. Once you have resolved a matter, let them know, so that they do not stop coming back to you.

Show gratitude:

Let your customers know that you are grateful for the trust that they have shown, for the investment that they have made in you be it the investment of time, energy or money.
Brands that show gratitude on good intervals, gain 38% better results as compared to the contemporaries that don’t.
Following the above mentioned steps may not bring an overnight turn of thing but they will certainly bring better results with time for your social media campaign.

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