Tips To Make Your Event Trend on Twitter!

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Are you in digital media? If yes, I do not need to tell you that you are nowhere if you are not on Twitter. This social-media portal is the wizard that can do magic for any of your activity when applied appropriately.
If you are in digital media, I am certain you have pulled out your phone a couple of times to see if your activity is trending. If it is trending then the euphoria is unmatched but if it doesn’t, then I guess it is time that you review your strategy.

Twitter undoubtedly can give you an immense exposure, however, standing out from all that chatter that clouds quality is the real challenge. The key is to have the right planning and an appropriate execution of the strategy that you decide to nail it on Twitter. Some tricks to shine through your conversations will be elaborated below:

Start with planning:

As soon as you collaborate with a new client and acquire a new project, have a detailed meeting with your team. In the meeting, share your client’s goals and vision with your team and deliberate on the tone that your campaign will comprise while you promote the event on Twitter. Communicate a precise message to your team so that you all are on the same page before you start promoting a new activity.

Tips To Make Your Event Trend On Twitter

Choose a Hashtag:

Hashtag is the tool that can take each of your messages to your target audience with panache in a snip. However, the task is to choose the right Hashhtag, which is short, crisp and meaningful at the same time. By meaningful I mean that your Hashtag must be relevant to the activity that you are promoting.

Spread the word on your chosen Hashtag:

Let your whole team, your associates and your concerned collaborators know of the Hashtag/Hashtags that you have selected. Start using the same on every poster, collage, social-media post or any other promotional material that goes out during the promotional phase. This is so that the audience gets familiarized with your hashtags and activity well in advance and so that they know about the timings and the venue where your activity/event will be held.

Include your Hashtag in each Twitter activity:

Whether you post something on Twitter or you receive a query regarding the event or someone engages in the conversation on your post on Twitter, use your chosen Hashtags as much as you can and as frequently as you can so that people start recognizing it and start associating with it on Twitter.

A Picture speaks a thousand words:

You must have heard the saying that a picture speaks a thousand words. Pictures are a great way of communicating. Your tweet with a picture can fetch almost 89% more like and as many as 150% more retweets. Use pictures that are engrossing along with a catchy creative copy when you post anything on Twitter to get more engagement from people. Do not forget to include your Hashtag. Also you can tag any imminent speaker that you know would be present at the event or would be speaking at the event. Tagging people is the easiest way of letting more people know about the campaign that you are running. The followers of the person that you tag will automatically get attracted to the event and would want to know more about it.

Run a Contest:

People always need a nudge to do something. To get them engaged, you can run a contest where you can ask them easy questions related to the campaign that you are running and the activity that you are promoting. In offer you can give free entry passes to the event or an entry pass to the next event that you promote. This is a great way of engaging people on Twitter.

You need engagement on Social-media and on Twitter you get this engagement in the way of likes and retweets. The more retweets you get the more get the chances of your campaign reaching a wider number of people.

Reward those who like or retweet your tweets. You can give them some gift hamper or a free entry pass to your event to keep them engaged with your activity.

The day of the event:

It is the day where you get to know the result of all that you did while promoting the activity. Assign one person or multiple people if needed to take pictures from the event and tweet them along with the messages or quotes of the speakers at the event. Start tweeting from very early in the morning, creating a buzz on the main day, letting people know about what a great gathering the event has attracted.

Give live feeds through your pictures and tweets. Keep using your Hashtags and keep tagging people. The chances are likely that during the course of day, your event will start trending on Twitter. Once that is done, sky is the limit, as not just this activity but the chances of your next activity getting appreciated will increase too.

Now that you have the ingredients of a great Twitter Trending Recipe, what are you waiting for? Call for a meeting with your team and start working on that strategy to make your next event trend on Twitter.

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