Top Reasons To Make Mobile Marketing A Priority

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We check emails while waiting in a queue for a coffee; we browse the net while travelling in the metro or conference over the phone while driving from one meeting to another. Online on the go is the new mantra of life. Services like Facetime, WhatsApp, and Messenger keep us connected and also on our toes all the time. And all this is consumed on the tiniest but the most competent screen ever – Mobile!!

Youth today is addicted to mobile phones and a mere screen of 5 inches caters to their diverse internet needs. Mobile is the only weapon you can use to target the ever absorbed youth today.

Do you know that 81 percent of the time that is spent on social media activities is through a mobile phone? And that 61 percent of social media activities in 2015 took place on smartphones. Mobile is dominating the digital domain and has become an abating extension of our being.

Are you in marketing? If yes, do you have a mobile-friendly website?

Smart phones introduced the new wave that brought in the hunger for constant infotainment. Everything is online from browsing to watching content, from ordering food to ordering nappies and from conferencing to emailing. And most of the routine goals are accomplished through mobiles. To sell, you need to be seen and you need to be visible to the right audience. Your website may be well optimized for the search engines, but is it mobile-friendly? Remember, most of the online activity is taking place on mobile phones. So, if you seek success and if you want it quick time – go Mobile.
It won’t be too risky to say that you won’t survive in the market if you don’t go mobile.


Is your approach Digital enough?

Mobile eventually became the cogwheel that sets things into motion as it promptly reciprocates and caters to that constant need of instant.
People expect unbounded information so that they can just swipe and choose from the available options. Thus, it is dire for marketers to be prompt and to pro-actively deliver what a consumer expects.
A marketer has to be aware and follow a stringent approach to deliver before someone else does. As the market is huge and the consumer doesn’t have the time or the patience to wait for your offer, they pick the best available offer and move on.
So, present what a consumer needs, lure them with exclusive offers, show him that he is important and that no one else can give him a better deal.

Mobile Marketing

Is your business generating enough leads?

The challenge for a marketer is to engross a user when he is browsing on his phone randomly on a whim. If you obtain your customer’s interest in those micro-moments, you have won the allegiance of your consumer for a long-term tenure. The secret mantra here is to effectively analyze the consumer behaviour and optimize your mobile website accordingly. Go Mobile, use Analytics tools and get good leads.

Marketing on mobile:

Any marketing done on a mobile screen is the most personalized arm of marketing. It is intimate and direct and also the ultimate means to build brand visibility and brand loyalty. ‘Strike while the iron is hot’. Keep informing your consumer about all that you have to offer.

Choose the right moment to capitalize on:

Identify the moment when a user is most likely to respond while respecting the personal life of the user. Do not bug them at odd hours. Align your chosen moment with emotions, or share your success story. Project your brand as the lead protagonist of your story and elaborate on how you and only you can serve in that moment of need.

Add value to your chosen moment:

Once you have struck a chord with your consumer, work on keeping them glued. Do not manipulate the trust with incessant ads. Offer them something exclusive, something extra like a discount coupon or a special offer.

Nurture your Leads:

Since mobile marketing is a personal experience, why not enable it to deliver something extra instantly. Keep sharing your achievement reports or new offers with your consumer from time to time. This will enable you to strengthen your relationship with the consumer and will encourage consumer trust in your brand enticing them to keep coming back to you.

Any business is a serious affair and it demands patience and nourishment. You need to be in line with the trend and digital & mobile are the trends of today. If you want to exploit your resources and make the best out of them Go Digital, Go Mobile.

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